Update management

1. To be updated on the latest events use the Notifications tab. It offers statistics on the added fields and visualizes the changes. The tab displays field footprint and name, field location, coordinates, area, crops growing, current field index and change in its value as well as the time when the last image of your field was acquired.  To choose the day when statistics were generated use the calendar in the upper right. Most of the values can be sorted from most to least and vice versa by clicking an arrow icon near the corresponding value. 

2. Drop-down menus for changing the index or value and managing of email notifications are in the upper left corner. The Index menu offers an ability to select the index displayed in statistics (currently only NDVI is available). 

The Value change menu provides you with an ability to choose the step of value changing displayed in statistics. When setting a certain percentage, the results with a lower step of change will not be shown. You can select the default percent values or set your own. 

The E-mail notifications menu allows you to configure the receipt of new notifications. You can mute them or select events on which you want to be notified (at the moment notifications are available only on a receiving of your field’s new image).

At the bottom of the screen you can switch pages of the field list.