Scouting tasks


1. In order to send a scout to the field, you should create a scouting task. This task will be automatically sent to the mobile application where a scout can pick it up for further execution. To do this, click the Add new task button at the bottom of the Task list or assign a task through selecting one of your fields.

2. Drop a pointer on the area you want to inspect and the New task window will pop up. It will contain the preview of your field with a pointer and field coordinates. Fill in the appropriate boxes with Task name and Description and click Save. Once it’s done the task will immediately appear in your task list, as well as in the mobile application connected to your account.

3. To get a more detailed description of the task, select it on the Scouting tab that is divided into General and Report. General is for the one who sets the task, it allows to update it, change the name, upload a photo of the field or close the task in case it is completed.


1. The Report tab is for scout. Scout selects the date when the field was inspected, fills in the name of the client i.e. the owner of the field, and the number of the field, changes the field area and crop name, hybrid and sowing date using this tab.

2. This tab allows scout to add developmental phases indicating the root thickness and the amount of leaves, set the density of plants and make a final review of the field indicating the state of crops and leaving an expert comment as well. After making all the necessary changes, the assigned person Closes the task if it is completed, or Updates the task, if required.

3. Once the task is completed, it will automatically fall into the Сlosed in the Task list, whereupon it will be displayed as closed on the map.


In case you need to download the report in the form of a spreadsheet when the task is completed, click the Export button at the top of the Task tab and the downloading will start automatically.