Remove to trash

This function is used for moving files to trash. It is selected using the corresponding option in the context menu or with a hotkey that appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

Files and folders moved to trash will be temporarily removed from Storage. The removed objects still take up storage space, however, this space will be displayed in orange on the storage load indicator.

When removing objects to trash a pop-up will be displayed. The selected files instantly disappear from the directory and appear in trash.

If you delete shared files, you will see a dialog window asking you to confirm the action.

Remove from trash

The ‘Remove from trash’ (permanently delete) function completely removes objects from the user’s storage. When a user removes objects from trash, they will see a dialog window asking them to confirm the permanent deletion of the file.

Restore from trash

The ‘Restore from trash’ function restores objects and their functionality (files and folders) from trash. When restoring files and folders, it is necessary to choose a directory for the restoration. From a modal window that appears you can choose from the existing directories or create a new one in the required location.