My Storage

This is the main section. The entire structure of stored files and folders is provided here as well as a complete set of features. Unique options are available in this section, such as file upload to storage and new folder creation.


This section displays files which were purchased from the EOS Retail Platform or from a user with a Distributor account. These files are shown in directories showing the logo of the company from which the data was purchased. Directories are also named according to company. Available options here include: View, Brand mapping, Open with, Distribute, Copy to storage, Share, Download, Save as AOI, Info by file/folder, Rename.


This section displays all files with a multi-user access, including the files that you share and those that are shared with you. By default, the filter is set to display all types of files, but you can also switch to view the ‘Shared by me’ and ‘Shared with me’ files only.


This section displays all user files in the form of a list sorted by the last modified, from most recent to oldest. Modification can be applied using the following actions: Move to, Rename, Download, Pre-processing, Brand mapping, Generation of a new preview, Remove and Restore.


This section serves as an intermediate location for storing removed files. The objects placed in this section have specific restrictions – they are not displayed in search results, and files and folders have only Preview, Restore, File info, and Remove completely capability.

Search Results

This section is used to display the results of a search that was carried out using simple and advanced parameters. All files and folders found in the search result are displayed as links to these objects in the structure of the ‘My Storage’ page. Thus, when you double-click on an object, the same action will result as when you double-click on a given object in the ‘My Storage’ hierarchy.